1250 Calories


..with 3 effective ingredients..

Organic Maltodextrin

A simple carbohydrates sourced from potato starch, rice, and wheat. Acts fast and provides quick energy boosts to promote effective workout sessions.

Whey Protein

Fuels your muscles rapidly with a range of essential amino acids increasing strength, muscle gains, and fat burn. 

Casein Protein

Provides steady, slow flow of amino acids, being absorbed all throughout the day and night to replenish and rebuild muscles.


..using the BULK App to BUILD, REINFORCE, and ADAPT.


The Story

Bulking can be challenging, but the key to a successful bulk is to consume more calories than you are burning. We have created a formula that puts you in the best possible position to gain solid, quality weight. To build muscle you have to get your butt in the gym. But real mass is built in the kitchen. BULK Mass is the easiest way to achieve your calorie requirement because with just 2 servings(one in the morning, and one at night) you will be half way towards achieving your calorie goal.

Supplementation is important. To some, utilizing supplements may not be the ideal approach, but getting all the nutrition you need in the day is challenging enough for someone that doesn’t have a busy schedule. Supplements such as vitamins, protein powders, and amino acids need to act as supplements. You should always strive to get most of your nutritional needs from your diet, while supplementation should help put you over the edge.

The founders of this company built Bulk to assist with doing that. They both faced the same challenge in weight gain and the root of the issue was improper diet, and lack of progression in the gym. The Bulk app provides users with a meal plan that if followed correctly should put them at the amount of calories, protein, carbs, and fats that are needed to gain the desired amount of weight. We found that for some this can still be a challenge because quite frankly its hard to cook throughout the week. This is our first line of defense. 

Creating a clean, effective, and great tasting supplement was important for us because we want to make help people meet their goals in the easiest and most convenient way possible. This brings us one step closer to achieving that goal.