Bulk: The Weight Gain App

Gain weight and build muscles with the right training program and meal plan.

Workout Program

Our workouts adapt and adjust to your body the more you use the app. Bulk like never before with a truly tailored experience.

Meal Plan

Track your nutrition with a built-in calorie counter and ensure you reach your macros with our custom meal plans. Take the guessing out of what you should eat every day.


Track every weight, set and rep you lift during each workout and see how you improve over time. There's nothing like visually seeing where your plateaus occur and when to overcome them.


With workouts and nutrition all in one place, there's no room for excuses. Bulk's streak milestones will make sure you stay on top of your fitness goals.

How it works

By combining workout and nutrition, Bulk is the only app on the market that is a one-stop-shop for gaining weight and building muscle.