Get Big with The Bulk App
Your AI personal trainer that teaches you how to gain weight


Learn how to gain weight with a workout program generated by the artificially intelligent Bulk trainer. Programs are easy to understand and will help break your plateau and get big arms, chest, and/or body!


Seeing the history of your workouts are important for progress. I mean how can you GET BIG if you don't know what you lifted yesterday?


Most people are unaware that nutrition is about 80% of the battle when trying to gain weight. If you are not eating adequately, you WILL NOT gain weight, no matter how much you workout. Bulk delivers meal plans, grocery lists, and macro nutrition tracking charts to ensure gains are eminent!


Any fitness goal is difficult without accountability. Add buddies, and receive notifications to help you stay on track.

Workout Program

The workout programs generated by our AI are built specifically for individuals that are trying to gain weight. Gains are easy to achieve if you follow the program.

Focus On A Specific Body Part

Each body part is scored so if you want bigger arms we got the workouts to get you there. Want bigger legs? Check your leg score and work towards a higher score to get bigger legs.

Swap Exercises

If you do not like the exercise, or the machine is taken, easily swap out exercises for a new one that hit the same body part so you are still track.

View Your Weight History

See how much weight you have ever lifted. This is important in progressing so you can view how your data is trending. If its trending upwards you know you are on the path to gains!

Meal Plans

Meal Plans are generated specifically for weight gain. You can get big with our meal plans because the meal plan is designed to satisfy every macros from protein, to carbs, to fat.

Grocery List

Get grocery lists that match with your bulk specific meal plan. Never waste time or money at the grocery store . Your grocery list is now specific to your goal.

Calorie Counter

Unlike the typical calorie counters, Bulk makes sure all your calories actually count. Each meal plan counts the macros to the amount needed to gaining weight. You can then add extra meals that will also be counter along side your meal plan calories.

Choose Preferences

Meal plans are generated to give you foods you like. Are you vegetarian? No problem! Your plan can be generated to follow an all vegetarian diet.

Buddy Connect

Connect with people all around the world that share the same weight gain goals as you.

Sync Your Workouts

Workouts are most effective when you work out with someone else. Sync your workouts so you and your workout partner are always on the same page.

Leader Board

See how well your friends are doing by checking their activity, and seeing how much weight they have lifted per score. Compare yourself to their scores to help keep you motivated!

Invite your friends

Simply invite your friends to join Bulk, so you can get big together.